EVT II U-Brackets Stainless

Vertical application
Concealed fix
Floor to floor
Heavy materials

U-Shaped Brackets are designed to be capable of withstanding larger spans, engineered to support large cavities and where there is a need to span between floors due to fixing constraints between slabs. 

UL (Winmark, UKAS accreditation) approved facade systems, approval recognised by the NHBC.

Subject to design approval U-Brackets can also be used to support medium to heavyweight facades in applications where the loadings are too high for standard EVT L-Brackets.

Designed using stainless steel for use where specification requires resistance to localised corrosion due to nature of building and/or local environment. Available in both Stainless steel 304 (A2) and 316 (A4) subject to specification requirements.

The EVT stainless steel brackets have a superior thermal performance due to the low thermal conductivity of stainless steel. Often used to improve the overall U-value of a façade build up, which in some instances can lead to a reduction in the thickness of insulation.

Stainless steel subframe bracket systems for rainscreen are designed in accordance with BS EN 1090-3:2008 and / or Euro code 3 – Part 1.

EVT Stainless U-Brackets are designed using vertical box sections with a 50mm base and varying depths, box section to be specified by RJ facades technical department.  

The brackets base has fixing slots suitable for concrete, steel and timber, it also includes slots and holes for Fixed and Sliding Point brackets.

Brackets are available with various thermal pad options to improve overall thermal performance.

Bracket and profile configuration is specified by RJ Facades technical department. To submit your project specifics please go to Facade Designer.

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