EVT II L-Brackets Aluminium

Concrete/Steel combined base
Vertical application
Wide range materials

Designed as a single component without the need for an additional clasp, the extruded L-brackets have a one piece clip to hold main vertical profiles. 

UL (Winmark, UKAS accreditation) approved facade systems, approval recognised by the NHBC.

Due to the brackets special designed shape being extruded, this allows the bracket to give additional reinforcement in critical areas while taking some of the additional weight away from other areas, assisting in the overall cost of the brackets. 

Aluminium brackets for rainscreen are designed in accordance with BS EN 1090-3:2008 and / or Euro code 9 – Part 1.

Typical bracket configuration uses the Fixed Point bracket at the highest position on the vertical rail to support the façade vertical dead loads. The Sliding Point bracket is typically used on all other positions of the vertical rail to absorb the project wind loading.

The brackets base has fixing slots suitable for concrete, steel and timber, it also includes slots and holes for Fixed and Sliding Point brackets.

Brackets are available with thermal pad options to improve overall thermal performance.

Bracket and profile configuration is specified by RJ Facades technical department. To submit your project specifics please go to Facade Designer.

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