Structural Top Hats

Vertical application
Horizontal application
Fast installation
Heavy materials

Designed specifically for fixing to SFS studs, to support EVT and EVT II helping hand brackets, where the vertical profile position is out of alignment with the SFS stud.  

The tophats are designed to support heavy weights with a low profile to reduce the impact on the insulation.

The fixed point holder tophat has increased flanges so that the fixings can be placed vertically ensuring the fixings are positioned into the centre of the SFS stud.

The sliding point holder tophat and reduced flanges as only one fixing is required on the top and bottom flanges, the tophats require fixing at stud locations, typically 60mm centres. 

The depth of the tophat is designed to ensure the bracket fixing does not penetrate the SFS sheathing board. 

Bracket and profile configuration is specified by RJ Facades technical department. To submit your project specifics please go to Facade Designer.

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